FICTION: "Coming Home" by LaVonne Roberts

As a girl who's​ more Texan outside of Texas, I’m known as Gotham City Cowgirl in parts out East, and as the girl with a Texas is larger than France t-shirt in France Mostly, I’m known for takin’ my roots wherever I go and a stand by your girlfriend whoop-ass tude. Thank you for the opportunity to submit and for celebrating and supporting writers like me. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi Zoloft, Zanax, Zyprexa – the three Z’s...

FLASH FICTION: "Lawn Boy " by Lavonne Roberts

They say that if a house is on fire and a woman has to choose between her child and another – her husband, her lover – she will choose the child. What if I told you I would choose differently? What do you think of me now? What if I told you that I am the mother of the neighbor lawn boy who was a terrorist? I love my son that I nearly died giving birth to, but hate the people who kidnapped my son’s mind. And what about the fertilizer I found in his closet and their God who promised him greener grass...

FLASH FICTION: "Lucky Man" by Lavonne Roberts

Rabbi Joe was on a mission. His wife Ruth asked him to stop by their local market to pick up some broccoli for her signature knishes. It was a personal joke between them, ever since Ruth served him his favorite dish wearing a garter belt, silk stockings, and his Brooks Brothers shirt. She was a vixen, making him watch her cook, taunting him, all because he said he didn’t believe in luck. He could hear her words, “Now do you believe in luck Joe?”